Empower Pads: A Review

Ok male people, we’re talking feminine hygeine products today, so you’re excused.

Ladies, I had the opportunity to try Empower Pads this last week and I have to say, I was, surprisingly, impressed. I have to admit, I kind of thought a pad is a pad is a pad.  How wrong I was.  Empower pads really are better.

First, they’re thin.  I mean I couldn’t tell I was wearing anything thin.  All of them, pantyliner, daytime, and even the nighttime.  Honestly, the thinnest pad I’ve ever used.  They stay put, too.  All night long. No bunching or sliding off to the side.

Even better, no leaking.  I was amazed.  In the interest of scientific research, I only used pads, so I expected some leaking on my heavy days.  Nope. None.  They absorb super fast.  I have no idea how that works, but I’d feel that uh-oh, gotta check and make sure it didn’t just overflow my pad, and nope, the surface was dry.  Dry, not sticky, not mostly absorbed, dry.

My friend, Vivian, also tried the pads, and she noticed how soft they were.  They’re cotton-like, not paper-like. Excellent odor control, too.  I had a little odor on my heavy days, but only close to when I needed to change the pad, not as soon as the pad got dirty.

The really cool thing the Empower pads have is the green strip.  It’s an anion strip and it’s supposed to help with cramps. Honestly, I thought that was a bunch of marketing.  You can imagine my surprise when it actually worked!  I have cramps every month. Usually I spend one night not able to sleep and one day curled up on the couch or wishing I could be curled up on the couch.  Plus another couple days popping pills that minimize the cramps so I can be semi-functional. I had only a twinge of cramps during this cycle and I took no medication at all.  Amazing!

Here’s the other thing, when I had the twinge, it was time to change my pad.  I changed and within twenty minutes, the twinge was gone.  I’m definitely hooked.  I would much rather not take any medication if possible.

Check out Empower Pads, give them a try, I bet you’ll be hooked too.

Have you tried Empower Pads before?  What do you think?

**Disclosure: I received samples of Empower Pads to try in order to do this review.  As always, opinions are mine and are honest.

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Really?!? It does sound like a bunch of marketing hooey but I trust you. I’ve never seen them in Canada or are the only available online?
    Kristin´s last post ..How Do I Like My Eggs?