Spring Break

Sammy is on Spring Break this week, which means I am too!  Yay!

She’s off from Friday the 30th until Monday the 9th.  Woohoo!

I cannot believe how excited she was for Spring Break, it being her first ever.  She kept asking about it, counting down the days, all that stuff.  You’d think we were going to Cancun or something.  We’re not.

But, we are enjoying ourselves.  Friday we went to Michael’s for some craft supplies, than to an indoor playground, had lunch, and got so exhausted all three kids took an hour nap. (Yay me!)  Saturday, I wasn’t feeling so hot, so we stayed home, did some crafts, and watched movies.

Sammy did her first finger knitting project, a scarf. She's very proud of it.


Sunday we all went to the Skirball Cultural Center.  If you’re in L.A. you need to go.  They have a super cool exhibit called Noah’s Ark. It’s a giant, indoor ark with all the animals made of recycled/upcycled things like tires and egg beaters and vertical blinds.  They also have tons of cool special events on the weekends.  This weekend was puppets.  They had about 6 professional puppeteer troupes performing throughout the day, plus their own puppets that are part of the Noah’s Ark exhibit “walking” around.  And they had the T-Rex from the Natural History Museum too.  (Another not to miss place in L.A. for the kids.  The T-rex is a very realistic 8 foot “puppet” that walks around and makes very life like sounds. It stuck it’s head in a room we were in and roared and I had Jurassic Park flash backs for a minute. Scary, but cool.)  The kids also got to make their own puppets.

Oh, the Skirball is also a Jewish museum with tons of exhibits for the adults, too and beautiful grounds.

Ella and one of the marionettes. This clown could blow up a balloon using an air pump triggered by one of the strings.

We have some planting planned this week and then the girls and I are going to my parents for some fun in the desert.  It’s the perfect time of year to get in the pool and get some sun before it gets too hot down there.  The girls are really looking forward to it.  Ella keeps asking if we’re going to Grandma’s every time we get in the car.

So, I’ll be a little scarce around here the rest of this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and the Easter bunny brings you the kind of candy you like.

Next year, Cancun.

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Hooray for Spring break! Ours was in March, but a 4 day weekend this weekend, I’ll take it.
    While you are at Grandma’s can you make a finger knitting video please? To post on HF. Please?
    Kristin´s last post ..She Taps