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We’ve had some sick going around here. Samantha’s school is a petri dish. Last week, there were only 9-11 kids in the class each day out of 22. Samantha only missed Friday, but had a fever and headache Thursday night through Sunday morning. On Tuesday, Penny came home from school with a fever and general clingy-ness. She even willingly took a nap. That’s sick for sure.

One thing I’m trying to teach my girls is how to be good to themselves and take care of themselves. So when they’re sick, I’ve been letting them have alone, hot bubble baths. (Usually I bathe all 3 at the same time. Saves time and water.)

I love taking baths. The hot water and steam soothe my mind. When my muscles are sore or I’m feeling under the weather, the heat relaxes my muscles and relieves my achy joints without medication. I can’t do anything other than read a book in the tub, so my mind relaxes and rests for a little while. I come out feeling drowsy and content. I want my girls to experience that and learn to take baths as a way to indulge themselves a little.

Samantha has been asking for baths alone since she had her first sick bath a few months ago. So every once in a while, she gets that treat. I fill the tub with my bath salts, place my bath pillow and let her just lay in the tub for as long as I can keep her sisters out.

Tuesday, Penny had her first alone bubble bath. She was surprised when her sisters didn’t join her, but then lay down and blew the bubbles around the tub. When she came out, it was clear she felt better. She was running around for a while and eating again.

I think the only problem with my plan is if they all get sick at the same time, I’ll have never ending baths going on.


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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Willingly took a nap?!? That is a sick little girl.

    You could keep the bath full and just heat it up for the next girl. I do that bc my bath is really hot, when I’m done it cools and the kids get in.
    Kristin´s last post ..There’s Never Enough Time