A Bad Idea

So, have you seen this bad idea commercial from Verizon? You know, the one they ripped off from Saturday Night Live?

Whenever I see it, I cringe, because I imagine my husband along with some of my friends’ husbands having those conversations. Sometimes, you just have to wonder what goes through their heads. I swear, it’s like having another child around.

Take, for example, my husband. Sunday I did some volunteer work in the morning and he took the girls to Panera Bread for lunch. On the way out, Sammy and Ella said they had to use the potty. Now, I understand his dilemma. He’s male with little girls, and Samantha’s starting to get to the age where it’s a little awkward to take her into the men’s room. Nonetheless, she’s not quite six, so one would assume he would schlep all three into the men’s room. You know, because they’re still maybe a little young to go into a public bathroom alone.

He, however, asked Samantha if she wanted to go alone. She said yes and then Ella said she wanted to go with Samantha. So into the women’s room they went while Sean and Penny waited at the door.

They were in there a while. A couple of women went in and came out, and still no Sammy and Ella. Finally, they emerged, giggling with wet hands.

Ella whispered to Sean that she had a secret. They giggled. She had gone #2 and didn’t want to wipe herself, so Samantha wiped her. They giggled and then Ella asked Sammy if it was big. To which she replied it was huge! Lots more giggling.

And this is the part where I shake my head and ask Sean not to tell me what they do when I’m not around. I think it’s better that I don’t know.

What “good” ideas has your significant other had?

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Ken would totally do the same. Boys.
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