Waiting for the Tooth Fairy

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We are in waiting mode here. Samantha is one of the youngest in her class and she does not yet have a loose tooth. She’s watched most of her classmates lose at least one tooth this year. Most have lost multiple. And it’s driving Sam crazy.

Her friend who plays at our house every week has two loose teeth right now. She wiggles them and checks that they’re stil there. She runs her tongue along them and pushes them back and forth. And it’s driving Sam crazy.

I’m impatient too. As is Sean. We ask her at least weekly if any of her teeth are loose. She points to her molars and says they hurt, but no loose teeth yet. And it’s driving Sam crazy.

She wants to know when her teeth will fall out. Some people say they start falling out when the 6 yr molars come in. But Sam got hers at four. (I took her to the dentist because I didn’t thing 4 year olds got new teeth. They don’t. Usually.) So that’s no help.

I think we all feel it’s a rite of passage of sorts. A sign that she’s growing up and stepping firmly into big kid land. She’s grown so much this year, both physically and emotionally. Sometimes I forget she’s not yet six. As her birthday approaches, Sam’s anxious to be a big girl. And a loose tooth would help that process along.

Can’t say I blame her. I’m anxious to start my tooth fairy duties. And no loose tooth is driving me crazy.

What age did your children start losing their teeth? What’s the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? (Please say a shiny penny :) ).

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    The tooth fairy didn’t visit our house before grade 1. She leaves a tooney ($2 coin) for a tooth and a quarter for supportive sister.
    Kristin´s last post ..I’d Like That With A Pool Please

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m coming over from the Sits Girls Spring Fling. Cute post. The tooth fairy leaves $1 at our house. Exciting times!:)

  3. Andrea @ No Doubt Learning
    Twitter: nodoubtlearning

    My daughter’s 5 and already has friends losing teeth. She’s fascinated with the Tooth Fairy! Love your title…my adventures are with 2 girls :) Can’t wait to hear more!
    Andrea @ No Doubt Learning´s last post ..Welcome to My New Home Sweet Web-Home!