One of Those People

I’ve written about being white trash before. Now, I’ve become one of “those” people.  You know the ones who clearly have no control over their children when out in public and don’t seem to care.  The ones whose children run all over the place and scream and pull things off the shelves and the parents seem oblivious.  Our outing to the movies this weekend confirmed my suspicions that I am indeed, one of them.

My mother-in-law, my twin nephews, the girls, and I went to the movies Sunday. We saw The Pirates. Meh.  We got our usual snacks: a large popcorn, 2 blue icees, and my mother-in-law brought a water for Ella, who only drinks water.  We sat down as the movie started in the very back row.  Then Samantha had to go to the bathroom.

Then Penny said she had a wet diaper.  She’s at that stage where she doesn’t like to sit in a wet diaper, so I checked to see if her diaper was too wet  or if it could wait.  Imagine my surprise when my hand came back wet. At some point, Penny had undone her diaper and therefore just soaked her pants and the chair she was sitting in. (Sorry about that movie theater employees.)

I carried her to the bathroom to change her diaper.  I had those, but no spare clothes.  So I dried her pants under the hand dryer while she skipped around the bathroom in her diaper.

Back to the theater.  Samantha and Ella have to go potty.  As I’m trying to get the older two past Penny, and get Penny to stay with my mother-in-law, the water spills all over the seat and the floor.  We get back from the bathroom and Penny is splashing in the spilled water.  Samantha sits down and Ella joins Penny in the splashing.

We left the theater with the back row a disaster.  Then we needed to get shoes.  Samantha had a recent growth spurt and needs some tennis shoes.  This was not a wise decision on my part.  Three girls in a shoe store.  Worse, we went to Nordstrom’s Rack, which meant the shoes were stacked and all over the place.  My girls helped get them all over the place more.  There were shoes flying, as they tried on pair after pair and discarded those not deemed worthy.   It was chaos.  I had to move Penny out of the main aisle twice so other people could pass.  I was helping one with her shoes and the other two were racing around the racks.  Pure insanity.

I saw the looks on other people’s faces.  Like I should be controlling them better.  Like they were out of control. Like I should be keeping them in line.  And you know what?  They were right.  And you know what else? I didn’t care.

I have decided that as long as my girls aren’t hurting anyone and we’re not at a funeral or some other equally dire event, they are free to be a little rowdy.  As long as I get done what I need to.  I have other things to worry about.

Do you keep your children well controlled when out in public or are you one of “them” too?

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  1. Kristin
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    That’s us, all the freaking time.