No Tan Lines

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As I’ve become a more experienced lazier parent with each child, I’ve learn to let things go a little and be a little more flexible.

For example, with Samantha, when we started food she had only sloppy rice cereal for the first month before I added first green, than orange vegetables.  She didn’t have fruit before nine months so she wouldn’t develop a taste for the sugar and refuse the vegetables.  And no meat until after a year. Ella, started the same, but we waited maybe a week after starting rice cereal  before starting the vegetables, and the fruit was close behind.  Penny, well, I’m pretty sure the first thing she ate was rice cereal, although Ella may have fed her other things first.  Okay, I really have no idea.  She’s fine. And she likes her vegetables the most.

There are other things I’ve let go of, hand washing after touching the dog or cats, no small toy pieces, a minimum age for fingernail polish.  Yesterday, as the girls played in the sprinkler,  I realized another idea that’s changed for me.  Swimsuits.  Samantha had tons of cute swimsuits as a baby and toddler.

She romped around in them all summer long, playing in the sprinkler, playing in the sand, playing in the mud. And then we had to change the swim diaper.  And the suit was filthy and she became filthy as I removed it.  She wasn’t done playing, so I got another one.  And on and on we went.  Dirty swimsuit, dirty child, wet, dirty mommy, and lots of laundry.

By the time Ella came around, I smartened up.  No swimsuit.  Just a swim diaper.  No more dirty suits to peel off and wash.  Just diapers.  So much easier.

Then yesterday.  I put a swim diaper on Penny.  About two minutes later, she needed a diaper change.  So she came in the house, dripping water (don’t tell me it wasn’t only water) on the carpet and tracking mud all over.  It’s really amazing how fast they get dirty.  I took the diaper off and thought, it’d really be easier if I didn’t have to keep changing these things.

There it was, my Oprah a-ha! moment.  So, no diaper it was.  She could run around, play in the water, whatever else on the grass, and I wouldn’t have to deal with the diapers at all.  Less mess for me.  And, no tan lines for Penny.  We are in L.A. after all.

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Haha! We’re working on a fence so we can reduce our tan lines too.
    We don’t need the crazy lady next door watching.
    Kristin´s last post ..One Thing That Scares Me

  2. The Drama Mama
    Twitter: poopscoopinmama

    i love the colored boxes. they give it such a nice touch.

  3. Jen @ Lita's World
    Twitter: litasworld

    BRILLIANT!! isn’t it amazing how things change from one child to the next?! I know now with my Grandsons I’m much more laid back about…well, everything :)
    Jen @ Lita’s World´s last post ..Cinnaholic = JOY