Little White Lies

I’m at my wit’s end with Ella.  She likes to argue with me. If I ask her to do something, she wants to know why and then comes up with a million reasons why not. She is not a rule follower. I am. It’s tiresome to argue with her and sometimes she’s just being outright dangerous.

One of her newest things is she wants to get out of her carseat. While we’re in the car driving somewhere.  Every time I come to a stop, for a light or traffic, she asks if she can get out.  I say no.  Sometimes she listens, sometimes she unbuckles herself and hopefully one of her sisters tattles.  She sits directly behind the driver, so it’s hard to see her.  And sometimes, like when we’re in a drive-thru, she pops right up and tries to sit on my lap.

Ah, no. I yell at her, tell her it’s not safe.  She says she’ll be safe. I tell her a car could hit us right now and she could be hurt. She looks around and says we’re stopped, no one is going to hit us. I yell some more. And mostly I’m just flabbergasted. I have no idea what ever possessed her to think it’s okay to take off her seatbelt. We ALWAYS wear our seatbelts. Always.

So, I have finally resorted to lying to make an impression.  I told her she had to keep her seatbelt on because it’s the law (true), and then I maybe added that the police would take me away to jail and she would never see me again and she would have to go live with strangers.  She asked if the person standing at the drive-thru taking orders would tell the police if he saw her out of her carseat. I said yes.

It worked. She buckled herself up lickety split and then sat looking guilty while the guy took my order.  I could tell she was wondering if he had seen her already and was going to narc on us.

I feel okay with the lie because not wearing seatbelts really is dangerous and not a game. And it worked.  Plus, it’s never too early to make her aware Big Brother is watching and uses fast food employees as informants. Coming up with conspiracy theories is a good way to engage the imagination.

Do you lie to your kids for the greater good? What whoppers have you told to get your kids to listen?

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    Lying in the case of safety is totally ok. Encouraged even. Also using fast food folks as spies has the added benefit of discouraging a fast food habit.
    Smart parenting all around I say.

    The unbuckling is not one bit cool. I would spend the money and get a 5 point harness seat and buckle her in.
    Kristin´s last post ..Celebrating 605!

    • Jessica Anne says:

      Sadly, the fast food was for me. I love a fast food soda. I know, it’s bad.

      The unbuckling is super not cool, and we do have 5 point harness system. She can undo it. Not cool.

  2. Jen @ Lita's World
    Twitter: litasworld

    OMG lie away!!! I definitely would (and have) especially when it comes to safety!! Sometimes going to extremes is the only way to get little ones to understand the magnitude of what’s happening…well, especially when they’re at the phase of questioning everything and testing their independence.

    The new blog design looks MAGNIFICENT by they way!!
    Jen @ Lita’s World´s last post ..Cinnaholic = JOY

    • Jessica Anne says:

      I feel bad, but I think it really works for her. She was born in the testing phase and doesn’t seem to be letting up.

      Thanks about the design! :)