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It’s always a good thing to keep your relationship with your significant other fresh and interesting.  At least that’s what people say.  So it’s a good thing Sean married me. I’m nothing if not a constant source of amusement amazement for him.

Sunday we were driving in Venice (beach, not Italy) and we passed “The Love Shack”.  It’s a little store painted with bubble letters and bright colors. All the walls are painted graffiti style and they boast a sign that says, “Bean bags: For Sale and Rent”. They also sell “urban art” which I believe is slang for high end graffitti. I’ve always wanted to go in.  The bright colors attract me and I wonder who needs to rent a bean bag.  I said so to Sean and asked if he wanted to go in too.

He looked at me like I had an alien growing out of the top of my head, which pretty much answered my question, but just to confirm, he said, “No. I’m not a hippie freak.”

And therein is why I continue to amaze him.  It turns out, I am a hippie freak.  He had no idea when he married me, even though we dated for seven years before getting married.

So when he asked me jokingly if I wanted a G pod for our yard.  I, in all seriousness, said yes.  You see, I’ve been wanting my own little room to write in. I’d been thinking maybe I could find a shed to convert or something, but this pod would be perfect.

There are three styles.  Your basic, the mid-line model, and the posh ten seater.  I’m interested in the mid-line model. It rotates so you don’t have to deal with direct sun or wind.  There’s also a way to make the seat a full circle and make it conducive to sleeping outdoors.  Well, outdoors-ish.

Why things like this continue to surprise my husband amaze me.  So, you see, we keep our relationship fresh basically by never learning.

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    I want one too! You can sleep in it? That’s the best idea ever.
    Kristin´s last post ..When Bedtime Goes Badly

    • Jessica Anne says:

      That’s what it said, you can sleep in it. We’ll each get one and hide in it at bedtime. We can skype or something while the kids run amuk.