Spies Like Us

Samantha is going to a 2 week Mandarin Immersion summer camp in July.  When the word came out that they were offering the camp and it was only fifty dollars for Monday through Thursday 8am-12pm for two weeks, I signed her right up.  (Glad I did too, because they filled 4 classes and more people want in.)  I probably would have signed her up anyway. I don’t want her losing all of her Chinese skills over the summer, only fifty dollars is an added bonus.

I got all the paperwork to fill out this week.  Consent forms, forms to allow photography, etc. and there was a cover letter explaining the program.  It is a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.  Funded by the National Security Administration.  Yep. The N.S.A.

Clearly they’re starting their spy recruitment at a young age.  Get them young, groom them, and have them ready to go into the world of international espionage as soon as they finish college, maybe even during college.

So now I have my spy radar on.  I’ll be watching her. Seeing if she suddenly knows any ninja moves, or expertly carves a turkey with a knife she pulls out of a garter belt.  You never know.

Also, I’m preparing myself for her having a crummy job, like a file clerk or something.  Then I’ll know for sure she’s a spy and that’s just her cover.

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    The security council, really? Do they have a charitable section or are they really grooming spies?
    Fun though.
    Kristin´s last post ..Take Me Home For A Rest

    • Jessica Anne says:

      No charitable section. Mandarin is on a list of “target” languages they want kids to learn. Don’t know about the spy grooming, but they are interested in children learning Mandarin.


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