So You Want a Dog Part 2: Purebred or Mutt?

Today is part two of my series about choosing the right dog for your family.  If you missed yesterday, I talked about narrowing down your choices. Today we’ll discuss purebred or mutt.

Purebred Vs. Mutt, let the battle begin!



  • Aesthetics: you know what you’re getting with a purebred and that it’s a look you like. If that’s very important to you, get a purebred
  • Working dogs: if you need a working dog, for hunting, service, or law enforcement, a purebred is probably best for you
  • Temperment: purebred dogs have similar temperments across the breed so you can choose what you want
  • Special needs: Some claim certain breeds are non-allergenic. While it has nothing to do with the breed and more to do with a non-shedding coat, to be sure you get that coat, a purebred is the way to go


  • Cost. A purebred is going to cost you, plain and simple.
  • Health issues. Most purebreds have at least one if not multiple hereditary health problems you will probably have to deal with and often they are chronic in nature (like joint issues and skin issues).
  • Poor breeding. Depending on where you get them, you could end up with a poorly bred animal with a myriad of problems, or wind up supporting puppy mills. Do your research. More on that tomorrow.



  • Fewer health problems. Because they’re mixed, the bad genes get diluted out more and you wind up with an over healthier animal.
  • A one of a kind original. A mutt is unique, at least a litter is unique. Your dog will be your very own breed no one else has.
  • Not supporting puppy mills. They don’t breed mutts.
  • Cost. Generally less expensive than a purebred. Definitely less expensive if you go to a shelter. Most rescues charge something, but still less than a purebred.


  • Unknown temperment and physical characteristics. Mutts are a surprise, especially puppies that can change a lot as they mature.
  • Not working dogs.  Probably not a good choice if you need a guarantee your dog has a certain drive, like hunting or a guide dog.  Some can be good service animals for things like depression, however.

Which side are you on? Purebred or mutt?

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