Back To School

Samantha started first grade last week. I can’t believe how fast the summer went and that she’s not a kindergartener any more. I, sadly, missed her first week back due to having meningitis, so I haven’t met her teachers yet or been back on campus.

She is with new classmates now. I was worried how she would adjust to different people in her class, but she seems to be fine with it. One of her good friends from last year is in her class again. Fortunately, all four of the first grade classes play together at recess, so she gets to be with her friends and keep socializing with them.

Her homeroom this year is an English speaking teacher. Her Mandarin teacher had a family emergency in Taiwan, so they have had a substitute (who does not speak Mandarin) for the first week.

Monday, I’m going to drive her to school, and I have to say, I’m kind of excited to get back and see all the parents.  I can’t wait to hear about summer vacations and what everyone thinks about the new teachers. I’m excited to meet the new parents who I didn’t have much contact with last year.  I never expected back to school to be as exciting for me as it is for Samantha. I hope I wear the right thing. :)

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  1. Kristin
    Twitter: kristinglas

    What did you wear? How did it go?
    I like being at school everyday too. While the bus is convenient I’d rather drive.

    It’s our experience with bilingual school that often substitute teachers don’t speak the “other” language.
    Kristin´s last post ..Homemade Frontier – The Annual General Meeting

    • Jessica Anne says:

      Well, I brought out the yoga pants, t-shirt, and sunglasses for the light sensitivity. I think I killed it, everyone was wearing the same thing, it must be the “in” look right now.

      Yes, we had that last year, English teachers in the Mandarin class. I’m happy her home room is the English teacher this year. They don’t switch when there’s a sub, so I felt her day was wasted in the Chinese room last year.