My Favorite Back to School Things

We’re back to school and I’ve found a couple of new favorite things I’d thought I’d share.

1. Bento Style Lunch Boxes

Honestly, I ordered my Green To Go lunch box for Sammy only because it was a school fundraiser. I thought I wouldn’t like the bento style. I thought the compartments would be too small. Well, how wrong I was. Yes, I have to cut apples and sandwiches into creative configurations, but they really hold a lot of food.  More than I was able to pack last year.  Also, I love, love, love not having to use baggies or my reusable bags.  It’s easy to clean and it keeps the food from getting squished, which Samantha likes. I’ve started packing her some nuts to eat.  However, I would advise against sunflower seeds. That was a mess.

2. Lunch Box Notes

I’ve always loved the idea of writing a little note to put in the girls’ lunch boxes.  The problem is I’m lazy busy and don’t have time to think of cute little things to say.  Enter Lunch Box Love.  I found a sampler at Old Navy and now I’ve ordered a pack that should last the year.  They have a nice saying (like I love you, or Do something nice for someone today) or idea on one side and a fun fact on the other (like elephants can’t jump).  I’ve been re-using them as long as they come home pretty intact.  Three girls for the price of one. :)

3. Iced Green Tea

Okay, this one’s not for the kids, but in my quest to give up soda (thanks for the kickstart on that one, meningitis), I think I’ve found my alternative.  Here’s the thing.  Soda is very refreshing to me. I love an ice cold soda.  I’ve tried hot green tea for the caffeine, but really, it’s just not refreshing.  So I’m making iced green tea with fruit.  The fruit gives it that little something extra I’ve been missing in my previous attempts.

I put 3 tea bags in a pitcher, boil the water and let it steep for, well, until I remember to take it out, and then add some sliced fruit and/or mint, pop it in the fridge to cool and enjoy with some ice. So far I’ve tried lemon, orange, lemon with orange mint, and orange mint.  I like the lemon the best so far, but I’m going to keep trying.  An extra bonus, no calories, no artificial sweeteners, antioxidants, and I can drink 3-4 glasses with no guilt.

4. Bratzillaz

I know, it’s horrible. Bratz are worse than Barbies, but I love these quirky, goth-like dolls.  TheSo does Sammy.  She has some new underwear to prove it.  It’s like Halloween and that is a close second to my favorite holiday, and not having to go Christmas shopping may push it ahead one of these days. My doll philosophy is that dolls are toys and that there is probably other things to blame for eating disorders and poor body images than dolls.

Okay, it’s a short list, but those are things I’ve found in the last couple weeks that I thought I’d share. What are your favorite back to school items or things you just can’t do without?

*FYI: I just like these things. No one paid me or gave me anything to write this post.


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