31 Bags and Totes and a Giveaway!

Have you heard of 31? I hadn’t, but now I am a huge fan and I am so excited to be hosting a virtual party!  Even better? There’s a SALE! Even better? There’s a giveaway and a raffle!! I know, right? Awesome!

Thirty-One is a company, run by women, that makes adorable totes, bags, purses, and accessories. You can see some examples in the image on the top of this post.  I am in love with them!  They are perfect for moms.  They have thermal insulated zipper pouches and totes to carry snacks in the car, to the park, to a soccer game, or for a picnic.   They have totes that store all kinds of things.  Giant totes to put grocery bags in so they don’t fall over in the car, or to stash toys, or craft supplies.  They have  an Organizing Utility Tote that would be great for crafts or teachers, and they have little matching fold n’ file holders so you can keep important papers organized and away in a cute package. I also love the flat rosettes you can clip on the totes.  Thirty-one also has purses, wallets, and bags, like the cute Retro Metro Weekender.

I had a chance to try out the large utility tote.  Super cute, right?

It’s also super useful.  We went to Mammoth this weekend and I used this tote all the time!  When I pack, I like to gather all the girls’ clothes prior to putting them in the suitcase.  Usually I lay them on my bed. This time I put them in the bag. My bed wasn’t covered with clothes, the girls didn’t throw them around the room or take things away, and it held 4 days of clothes for 3 girls.  I used it to store our jackets in easy reach while we were there and to pack some food in so it was consolidated for easy packing in the car. I’ve put toys in it to get them off the floor so the puppy doesn’t eat them and then the girls can carry the bag to the play room and put it all away. They also have a Top a Tote lid for it that I need to get.

 I also got to try out the thermal tote.

It’s perfect for carrying snacks or a nice, big lunch.   I used it on our 5 hour car drive to hold all the snacks we needed for the trip. I carried snacks to the lakes and outings we went on. It kept the girls’ water cool, too. Some water spilled (leaky sippy cup incident) and it kept the liquid contained and it was really easy to clean out.

So, I know you want some of these cute totes and bags.  Usually, this is one of those things you have to get invited to a party to get your hands on, but I’m doing a virtual party this week, Tuesday through Friday.  Just click on the cute button in my sidebar or you can click here. Once you click, it will take you to a consultant page, simply click on the “My Parties” link and then click “Shop Now” (there’s only one party).  You will then click “Shop Now” again. It will take you to the new Fall catalog so you can shop all you want.  You will pay shipping and tax, which is calculated at check out. Now for the good stuff.

For every $31 dollars you spend, you 31% off another item! Once you have $31 in your cart, place the product you want the discount on in your cart using the item with the “S” at the end.  You’ll see (alias special) on the product description. The others are the full price items.

Also, everyone who buys anything will be automatically entered in a raffle to get $20 off their order!

And, just because my readers are the best, there’s a Giveaway!  One reader will win a Littles Carry-All Caddy in the Lots of Dots pattern. It’s perfect for collecting small things in the car or in your house or for holding all those remote controls.  The same person will also win a Zipper Pouch in the Chains Away pattern, perfect for holding papers or small snacks.











a Rafflecopter giveaway
**The Fine Print:  Thirty-one products are only available in the U.S. right now, so the party, giveaway, and raffle are only open to U.S. residents. The giveaway is only open to people in the continental 48 (so not Alaska or Hawaii).  Giveaway items are available only in the patterns indicated. Remember, you will pay your own shipping and tax on anything you order.  I received both products in order to review them, but the opinions are honest and mine, as always.  

The virtual party will end on September 8th.  After that, the orders will be placed. It takes 10-14 days to receive the items, typically, although shipping times may vary.  Please keep that time frame in mind if  you’re buying a gift.

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  1. Laura Nicholson says:

    I love the utility tote!

  2. Laura Nicholson says:

    I love the all in one tote!

  3. Abbey says:

    I love the thermal totes!

  4. Shannon F. says:

    I love the Retro Metro Weekender!

  5. Austin Baroudi says:

    The 5th Avenue bag!

  6. gail says:

    like the all in one tote

  7. Michelle Gregory says:

    I like the Organizing shoulder bag

  8. I like the thermal totes.
    Ashley Hewell´s last post ..Free $25 Virtual Dollars from The Limited!

  9. Linda Kwolek
    Twitter: kwolek21

    Organista Crossbody

  10. Maureen says:

    I would love a market thermal tote in minty chip!


  11. Vicki Lesage says:

    I like the XXXI Messenger Bag because my husband could use it too as a spare diaper bag!

  12. amanda b says:

    the fitted skirt purse is adorable!!!



  13. Beth Hill says:

    The oversize storage container to store things under my bed!

  14. Audra Weathers says:

    I also like the fitted purse skirt in the black plaid pattern.

  15. Tiffany Overton says:

    I love the All in One Tote!

  16. Ronda Patrick says:

    I also like the
    Thermal Mini Zipper Pouch!

  17. Andrea v says:

    Organizing shoulder bag

  18. Char W says:

    Retro Metro Bag

  19. debbie jackson says:

    i would like a thermal tote debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  20. jamie tucker says:

    the soft wallet

    tuckersaver at hotmail dot com

  21. Patricia says:

    I love them all!

  22. Betsy says:

    I love the 5th Avenue Bag

  23. Ashley Elaine says:

    I like the Timeless Wallet

  24. sara jackson says:

    i love the retro metro weekender

  25. Anna says:

    I love the thermal tote!

  26. Juan Rodriguez says:

    my fiance saw the catalog and she fell in love with everything in there, specially the Soft wallet “brown quilted pick me plaid”. Awesome stuff!!!!

  27. Jen @ Lita's World
    Twitter: litasworld

    I like the Metro Retro Crossbody bag :) so cute!
    Jen @ Lita’s World´s last post ..Party at the Anderson’s

  28. Kristie D. says:

    I like the Retro Metro in Patchwork Paisley. So pretty. I’ve always heard good things about their products. I hope I win so I can try them out. Thanks for the generous giveaway. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  29. cassie says:

    love the utility tote!

  30. Ginny
    Twitter: momof2dancers

    I like the all in one organizer
    Ginny´s last post ..Milk Unleashed Exclusive Blog App And Awesome Giveaway

  31. Rachel B. says:

    I like the Organizing Utility Tote in Awesome Blossom.

  32. Wendy says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Small Magazine Basket for awhile now!

  33. Julie says:

    Oversized Storage Organizer

    Product Code: 3637
    like this too thanks

  34. I like the 5th Avenue purse
    Nicole Edwards´s last post ..Couponing 101

  35. april yedinak says:

    I like the purses- the 5th Avenue and the Fitted Skirt Purse especially

  36. I’d love the Soft Wallet!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  37. Celeste says:

    the All-In-One Organizer!

  38. Bocomomma O Frey says:

    I have a few 31 gifts products, I ADORE THEM!!!! I have a purse that is my FAVORITE!!!

  39. Sunnie says:

    I like the all in one tote

  40. Susie says:

    I like the skirt purse

  41. jessica edwards says:

    5th ave bag

  42. renee says:

    I like the XXXI Messenger Bag.

  43. Sarah Belair says:

    I love the retro metro crossbody bag!!

  44. andrea says:

    I love the large utility tote

  45. Sam Stamp says:

    Retro Metro Weekender

  46. The Mini Organizer would make a great Bingo bag!!
    Nichole Bentley´s last post ..Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

  47. Vanessa Urias
    Twitter: VanessaUrias2

    I love the Cindy Tote!

  48. sheila musselman askins says:

    love the Market Thermal Tote

  49. ASHLEY GAYHART says:

    I love the all in 1 tote.

  50. Megan Sweet says:

    I love the utility tote, and the all in 1 tote!
    Megan Sweet´s last post ..Aviator Ear Flap Beanie Hat in Pink Medium by AddSomeStitches

  51. Jennifer Winchester says:

    i like the all in one tote

  52. Diana Hatch says:

    I like the utility tote

  53. 1955nurse says:

    Love to have the Retro Metro tote w/http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/University-of-Arkansas/(Holly) Thanks for the chance!

  54. Jessica O says:

    I like the Cinch It Up Thermal Tote in Red Parisian Pop!

  55. Tina says:

    I love the utility bins. I have one for my sons toys and it’s perfect and durable for when he decides to throw everything around the room.

  56. Sandy says:

    I love the utility totes!

  57. Amy W. says:

    I like the Retro Metro Weekender Tote.

  58. cheryl crain says:

    like the all in one tote,,

  59. Pamela Halligan says:

    The Timeless Wallet.

  60. Teresa Thompson says:

    Organizing Shoulder Bag

  61. Joey carnes says:


  62. april
    Twitter: april_pinkchip

    I like the Retro Metro tote.

  63. Sus says:

    I like the Retro Metro Crossbody.

  64. carole says:

    like the 5th avenue bag

  65. Helen says:

    Retro Metro Tote in patchwork paisley

  66. carole says:

    like this
    e-Cloth Antibacterial Cloth

  67. krista grandstaff says:

    The Retro Metro bag :)

  68. Mary A says:

    That fold and go organizer looks useful!

  69. Tabitha Pyle says:

    i’d like the retro metro tote.

  70. Jennifer Clay says:

    i like the retro metro tote!

  71. Nicole says:

    I want the Retro Metro Weekender in Patchwork Paisley.

  72. Claire says:

    I like the thermal totes.

  73. laurie brown says:

    all in one tote

  74. Amanda O says:

    I like the Cindy Tote!

  75. karen h
    Twitter: crazystepford

    the fold n go organizer
    karen h´s last post ..UnReal Candy Review and Giveaway!

  76. Marty Harris
    Twitter: MartyHarris3

    I like the Double Pinch Coin Purse

  77. rebecca day says:

    i like the retro metro tote!

  78. Nancy says:

    I also like the 5th Avenue Bag.

  79. Gayle J says:

    I really like the Retro Metro Tote

  80. McKenzie McClanahan says:

    I love the thermal tote!

  81. Christy Maurer
    Twitter: Christy41970

    I love the Retro Metro Tote! I love Thirty-One! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  82. Brittany Boardley Renaldi
    Twitter: britibee

    I love the Oversized Storage Organizer!
    Brittany Boardley Renaldi´s last post ..Wholesale Halloween Costumes~Review

  83. Sarah Yurga says:

    Market Thermal Tote is the one I like

  84. mary j says:

    I love my skirt purse.

  85. Angela Hartness says:

    I love the Hang-Up Home Organizer.

  86. Pam Sims says:

    I love the soft wallets

  87. Candace says:

    I like the utility tote.

  88. Kathy Davis says:

    i would love the U R U Cosmetic Bag.

  89. Blessie Nelson says:

    Love the XXXI Professional Tote!

  90. Amy Honious
    Twitter: amyhonious

    i like the beauty travel case (that folds open with the clear zipper pockets and brush holders), the flat iron case or the super size tote.
    thanks for the contest-i am actually going to one of these parties in 2 weeks!

  91. Beth Palacios says:

    I like the Super Oganizer Tote in Plumb Stripes. Maybe it will super organize my hall closet? :)

  92. Nicole Clawson says:

    I love http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/Catalog/Product/170/ the Retro Metro Weekender

  93. rachel bedrock
    Twitter: mamabedrock

    the retro messege tote

  94. Alycia M says:

    I like the home organizer!

  95. melissa leyh says:

    the retro metro bag:)

  96. Allison Marie
    Twitter: AMLewis2003

    I love the thermal picnic totes!

  97. kelly says:

    I like the retro metro weekender.

  98. Lindsey West says:

    i love the all in one tote

  99. Angie tim baldridge says:

    I love all the totes but dots are my fav

  100. Joy Ann says:

    The all in one tote!

  101. Donna George says:

    I like XXXI Messenger Bag

  102. Sue Hull says:

    I like the Utility Tote. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  103. Erika P. says:

    I love the XXL Everyday Tote.

  104. Jenny Stanek says:

    I’d like a Lil’ Expressions Notepad

  105. Jennifer Peaslee says:

    the about town blanket is really cool! http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/Catalog/Product/40/

  106. Amanda Travis says:

    The utility tote

  107. Nate says:

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