The Tooth Fairy Cometh

Finally! Samantha lost her first tooth on Friday at school.  This tooth has been really loose for a good month. Tongue wiggle loose. And it just wouldn’t fall out.  We thought it would come out in Mammoth. Nope. We thought a couple days after Mammoth. Nope. Finally, in class, she pulled it herself.

She was very excited. She wanted it to fall out in class.  She said everyone wanted to see her tooth (we sent a baggie with her for just such an occasion). When I asked her who asked to see it, she said, “pretty much everyone”, with that look. You know the one, the “duh, mom” look.  Apparently when the tooth comes out the attitude goes in.

Our tooth fairy gave $1 and 3 chocolate coins.  Sean sent me this article from USA Today about the going rate for the tooth fairy. Apparently, it’s $3. What? I don’t think so. I stood firm with a dollar.  Kids have a lot of teeth, and we have three kids. No way I’m starting a $3 trend here.

After the fact, I used a tooth fairy calculator.  It said, based on my state, age, gender, education, and income, that $1 is the right amount for us.  I was kind of surprised, actually.  But I’m not going to argue.

I have her first tooth in a little box that I’ll keep.  Sean asked what one does with the teeth. I said, toss them.  He thought maybe you kept them.  For what, to make a creepy baby tooth necklace?  Or to plant in the yard like some people do with placentas? Ours will be tossed.

What’s the going rate for teeth at your house? What does the calculator say you should give? Do you make creepy baby tooth necklaces?

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  1. Andrea
    Twitter: azlb

    that calc is great…but a $1 is what it told me too???