Why Little Dogs Rock

This post is almost hard for me to write. I’m a big dog person. I’ve been known to make fun of my little dog people friends. I’ve been known to say big dog people things like, “That’s not a dog, it’s a barking cat,” and “That’s not a dog, it’s a rat.” Six months ago, I would have laughed at the suggestion that I would own a little dog, let alone a three-legged little dog that barely weighs five pounds. But here I am, the owner of such a dog, and I’m learning to appreciate the special qualities little dogs have. So, for all you little dog people who already know, and for all you big dog people who might not recognize the benefits of a little dog, here they are.

1. A good gauge for lawn mowing

I never realized how long our grass was getting until I noticed it was past Paisley’s knees.   It became even more clear when I still didn’t mow and couldn’t tell she only had three legs. That, of course, is special to my little tripod.  But really, we have a yard, not a jungle. The puppy shouldn’t need a machete to bush whack her way to go potty.

2. They fit under the bed

This one became apparent one day when I spent a good hour searching around the house, the yard, and calling up and down the street, wondering where the hole in my fence was that she must have squeezed though.  Because, for the love of Pete, I could not find Paisley anywhere.

Then, in desperation, I looked under my bed. Under my bed is a collection of dust bunnies, storage boxes, odd shoes, and a treasure trove of lost toys. I try not to look under there. If I don’t look, it doesn’t exist. Also under the bed is a rejected cat bed with high sides.  Sure enough, there she was, napping in peace without the kids bothering her. It is now where she chooses to sleep most nights.  I’m trying to see if they make one my size for peaceful napping.

3. They’re mini-roombas

You know those little vacuums that you turn on and they go around your house and vacuum things up?  Well, I thought only big dogs were good for cleaning up after the kids’ meals.  Turns out, little dogs are good at it too.  Even better, they can get under the couch where my big dog can’t fit to get all those Cheerios.

They also work in cars. My girls take about a million minutes to get out of the car when we get home. I usually have to drag someone out while someone else goes into the house and leaves the door open.  This is when Paisley runs out of the house and tries to make a break for it.  One day, instead of putting her back in the house and closing the door, I just popped her on the floor of our SUV.  She went to work! By the time I had Penny out, the floor was clean. No more vacuuming for me!

4. Personal Trainer for the other Pets

I was surprised when our older (8 year old) dog wanted to play with Paisley.  She’s not the most social of dogs. But she does and they play like dogs, chasing each other, wrestling, and playing tug-of-war with toys.  Missy is gentle with her, yet she gets some good exercise.

Due to her small size, Paisley is also great with our younger cat, Tabby. They also chase each other, wrestle, do somersaults together, and generally have a great time.  (Alex is an old grump and wants nothing to do with her.)


All this extra exercise is going to keep them all young and healthy a lot longer.

5. Good Guard Dogs

Now, Missy, is a good guard dog due to her size and her menacing-ness (I wrote it, so that makes it a word.) I am confident if anyone ever broke into our house, they would regret it.  But there’s the problem. No warning system.  Missy’s not much of a barker. I don’t think her noise would deter anyone from actually breaking in.  That’s where Paisley comes in. She’s the early warning system.  She’ll bark when she hears something strange and not stop until I tell her to knock it off (and not even then all the time. We’re working on that).   They say having a dog deters would-be thieves because of the noise.  Now I have a two prong security system, the deterrent and the scary, big dog.

6. Travel Size

We went to Mammoth and we always take the dogs. When we take Missy, we have half the cargo space filled with her crate. Paisley? She sat in her crate on the console between the driver and passenger sides.  Easy.

In all seriousness, I guess I’m just a dog person, any size.  Oh, and a cat person. And chickens. Fine, just an animal person. And Paisely is a great addition to our family.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Even without Missy and Paisley barking Jiggs seemed to know there were dogs somewhere and barked through the whole video of them playing.

    You make a solid case for little dogs but I am still not convinced, mostly about dog ownership. (I tease, I am just grumpy this morning b/c I had to vacuum a dog worth of hair)
    Kristin´s last post ..Stay Just A Little Bit Longer