Wedded Bliss

Today is our seventh wedding anniversary. It is also very close to the day of our first date in 1998, which makes this our 14th anniversary of togetherness. Although Sean may not remember this, we chose our wedding date, based on our first date anniversary so we wouldn’t have to remember yet another special date. Not super romantic, or maybe very romantic, depending on your perspective.

Seven years ago, we were in Kauai, barefoot in the sand, with the ocean drowning out most of the words the minister said (he was a little verbose, so that’s okay), saying our surprise original vows (nothing like being put on the spot during your own wedding). I don’t remember what I said, but I believe Sean’s were, “Um, yeah, ditto,” so they must have been good. And I like to think we’ve lived up to those vows these past seven years.

Of course, I’ll never really know since I have no idea what I said. So, instead, this is what I know has happened in seven years.

We came home from Kauai with a little souvenir named Samantha. We bought our first house three months before she was born. We welcomed Ella two years later. We lost Sean’s father two months before Penelope made her debut. We have struggled with my depression. We have lost 3 pets and gained 3 more, plus 6 chickens. We have grown as inexperienced newbie parents to more experienced and definitely more laid back parents. We have started our oldest daughter in a language immersion program although neither of us speak the language. We have redone our backyard and kitchen. We will spend today at Sean’s grandmother’s home, getting it ready for her to come home after a stay in a nursing home with a new caregiver. We will be finding new homes for 4 of her 6 cats. One will stay with her and one will come home with us.

On Monday, we will go out to a nice dinner, a little older, somewhat more wise, and much more tired, to recognize our marriage and get ready for what the next seven years holds. The one thing I know, it’s sure to hold a lot of “we’s”.

Happy Anniversary to my hubby. Love you. xoxo

Our most recent pictures. The 3D glasses hide the bags under our eyes.

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  1. Kristin says:

    That is a lovely post. Have a great night out. I have no idea what my wedding vows were either. 10 years for us on Friday, don’t be shy to send me a reminder. We’ve kind of already celebrated.
    Kristin┬┤s last post ..Stay Just A Little Bit Longer

  2. Aliu says:

    Very nice post. Happy anniversary!

  3. Andrea
    Twitter: azlb

    happy anniversary. Today was perfect for me to read this post….friends going through tough times and so good to know that many couples out there are celebrating their love!