The More the Merrier?

I wrote on Sunday we were spending our anniversary removing Sean’s grandmother’s cats from her home. She had 6, we left her favorite, but took the other five.  They’re just too much for her to care for anymore.

The plan was we would keep one and find homes for the other four.  Of course, that’s easier said than done with non-kittens.  I looked into sanctuaries. They, of course, require a payment so they can afford to care for the cats.  That payment ranged from $800-$5000 (no, that’s not a typo) per cat.  Too much for us to handle.  Older cats owner surrendered at the shelter pretty much mean they’ll be euthanized, and I can’t have that on my conscious. It just seems so wrong.

When we got there, I decided we could take two. I chose one that needed a serious de-matting, so she wouldn’t be very adoptable until the hair grew in and the other medium haired cat who is very fat and has a hard time grooming her back end. That leads to poo stuck back there and smearing it across the floor if it isn’t kept shaved. I figured that wasn’t much of a selling point either. That left two mostly black cats and a crazy brown one (who bit Sean and he needed stitches).

We thought we’d board them at Sean’s work.  As he’s not the owner, and we have the max allowable pets under the company’s employee pet policy, we have to pay full price boarding fo them.  That’s not inexpensive.  So, new plan. The two black and white cats will come here tomorrow to “foster” until we can find them new homes.  I’m afraid the crazy one might bite one of the girls (cat bites are nasty), so she’ll stay at Sean’s work until we figure out what to do with her or if she’s not an adoptable cat.

That will give us a total of 19 pets including the 6 chickens and fish.  We will have 6 cats under one roof which, ironically, is the same number Sean’s grandmother had that were too many.

I am definitely an animal lover (obviously), but we have more than reached the max. I definitely feel it’s the right thing to do, but I’m not super excited about it.   Especially not about the cat hair situation.  All the cats are very timid and always hid when anyone came over (which is why no one caught on how many there were), so I’m concerned they won’t spend any time in our enclosed backyard. They could all use the exercise, and my house could use a few hours of non-shedding going on.

Hopefully, we’ll find homes for them quickly.  They’re likely between 5-7 years old and overweight, which will make them hard to place. I have a rescue contact who has offered to let me bring them to their adoptions, so I will be taking them up on that for sure.

Any one looking for a new cat?


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  1. Kristin says:

    Uhm, no thanks. We have enough shedding happening at our house.
    Good luck.
    Kristin´s last post ..Stay Just A Little Bit Longer