Bye Bye Baby

We have officially left babyhood behind us. Penny will be 3 in December and well into toddler/preschool age. She is potty trained, sleeps in a big girl bed, and acts like a big girl now.

To celebrate, I purged my house of baby stuff. The diapers and pull-ups were the first to go. They were either donated to our preschool or given to friends with younger kids. Baby blankets, baby toys, and my Baby Bjorn were donated or tossed if they were too broken or dirty. I made sure any baby clothes were donated or packed away for my niece. I have a few empty cabinets and drawers that I’m sure will fill up soon enough.

I can honestly say, I am over the baby thing. No more. I am very happy to see it all go and be finished with that stage of my life. We’re on to better things over here with my house full of big girls.

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  1. Congrats! And welcome!

  2. Andrea
    Twitter: azlb

    big step… more babies! Let the big girl fun continue!