Halloween 2012

Everyone carved their own pumpkins this year. I used a drill. Good times.

Halloween  2012 started out on a bad note. I dropped Sammy off at school (that went fine) and then headed to preschool with Ella and Penny, dressed and ready for their Halloween parade which, Ella reminded me, was to start promptly at 8:30 am. As we pulled away from Sammy’s school for the 20 minute drive to preschool, Penny started with “off”. Off escalated to “Itchy!”, then to blood curdling screams as she strained and pulled in her carseat trying to get her shirt off over her head. Shoes were thrown at me and more and more screaming.

We arrived at school with Penny naked, her shoulder straps off, but still buckled. Fortunately, I brought a change of clothes, having been in the “it itches” boat before.  It took me 10 minutes to unwrap Ella from my legs.  Penny would not be set down. She would not wear her costume. She would not participate in the parade.

Although we live in California, it was in the low ’60s and cloudy in the morning. It was chilly. The parade, consisting of all the kids in preschool walking around the playground in a circle to “The Monster Mash” began. Kids waved. People who weren’t holding defiant 2 year olds took pictures. And then they walked. Then they walked some more. And some more, with each lap looking less and less excited.

Ella called it quits after 20 minutes and demanded to change into her regular clothes because her outfit was “itchy”. The whole parade lasted 30 minutes, at which point I had to again spend 10 minutes prying Ella off my leg and hand a crying Penny to her teacher.

Fortunately, things perked up from there. I made it to Sammy’s school parade. She and her friend were dressed as Monster High characters and were clearly enjoying being “twins”.

I got everyone in home in time to order pizza and vacuum the house before Sammy’s friend and father arrived to trick or treat with us. Sean left work in time to pick up the pizza on his way home, which was incredibly fortuitous since delivery was 2 hours. Sammy’s friend arrived late, also fortuitous as the pizza I’d promised arrived in Sean’s car about 2 minutes earlier.

Trick or treating ensued. The kids were out for an hour and a half. They came home with bags of loot. I stayed home and doled out candy with the dogs who behaved themselves for once. Every one was sugared up and happy.

And the best part, I effectively triaged my candy so I wound up with 3 bags of stuff I like and none of the stuff I don’t. (Dum dums? Really, Sean. No one likes Dum Dums.)

Ella, cramming candy into her mouth.


Penny inspecting her loot


Sammy, copping an attitude

Hope you had a good Halloween and your kids brought home candy you like.

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