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I am so excited to be part of this Seventh Generation Wee Generation product giveaway!  I adore Seventh Generation! When I am not making my own cleaning products, I buy theirs because they disclose ALL the ingredients and they’re plant based and natural.  I feel safe using them in my home and around my children.

Now, they are coming out with a line of baby care products that I got to try (and love) and you can win! There are two shampoos and body washes, one regular and one foaming, bubble bath, sunscreen, diaper cream, and lotion.  They are all plant based, gluten free, all natural, and all the ingredients are listed right on the bottle. All of them.

The Scary Stuff

Here are a few things I learned during a briefing with Seventh Generation that scared me.

  • There is widespread presence of formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane in children’s bath products (both carcinogens)
  • Children with high levels of parabens are more sensitive to environmental allergens like pollen and pet dander
  • In a study of 10 children’s face paints, all 10 had lead in them
  • Studies have found flame retardants, BPA, and other environmental chemicals in breast milk

Reading the ingredient list doesn’t solve the problem either.  They aren’t required to list all the ingredients, such as things like preservatives, flowablity agents, and processing aids. Chemical reactions can occur inside the bottle, releasing things like formaldehyde as a byproduct.


Here are some ingredients to avoid in body care products:

•  Parabens (Ethyl -, Methyl- , Propyl-)•  Phthalates (DEHP, BBP, DBP, DMP, DEP)•  Formaldehyde releasing preservatives:•  Quaternium-15•  DMDM hydantoin
•  Imidazolidinyl urea
•  Diazolidinyl urea
•  Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
•  2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3 diol (Bronopol)•  “Fragrance” or “preservatives” rather
than listing the actual ingredients•  Triclosan•  DEA (diethanolamine) and TEA
(triethanolamine)•  Tetrasodium and Trisodium EDTA

Seventh Generation Wee Generation Good Stuff

I know I’d rather not put chemicals on my children’s skin. And now there’s a great choice.  Here are some of the great things about the new Seventh Generation Wee Generation line:

– First complete line of USDA-certified biobased baby care products
– Endorsed by Healthy Child, Healthy World
– Products are gluten-free
– No synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens (all ingredients of concern)
– Tear-free, no worries about getting in eyes
– Non-toxic, biodegradable formula
– Made with natural ingredients that come from plants and minerals
– Extra-virgin olive oil to moisturize and protect

I had the opportunity to try out the Wee Generation line and I have to say, I love it!  The scent is very light and pleasant, a little citrus like. And they work.  This line is designed for babies/toddlers, but I love it for my older girls too.  Samantha has very thick hair and I have been having a really hard time finding a natural shampoo that actually cleans her hair without me having to use half the bottle.  The Seventh Generation Wee Generation line works great! I can use the same amount on her that I use on Penny’s barely there hair.

The sunscreen, so important here in L.A., is mineral based but it’s not all chalky. It rubs in nicely and isn’t greasy at all. The bubble bath was also a big hit. Good bubbles, again, without having to use half the bottle and with a light scent so the bather isn’t overwhelmed.

The Cute Stuff (Baby Massage)

Seventh Generation also provided some information on baby massage. I’d thought I’d share five tips they expert, Tina Allen offered about baby massage.  I used massage with all three of my girls, and I learned a couple things.

Five Tips for Baby Massage from Tina Allen | Liddle Kidz Foundation

1. Choose the Best Time and Place

Creating the best environment for massage is an ideal way to give yourself, and baby time
to relax. Choose a familiar place that is warm, quiet and with few distractions. The best
time for massage is when baby is awake, healthy and happy. Some babies prefer the
morning, while others prefer the afternoon or before bedtime.

2. Be comfortable

Relax, enjoy and have fun! Position yourself so that you are comfortable. Be sure baby is
safe and placed on a soft area. Keep in mind, babies roll and become slippery when using
oil. Be sure your hands are warm and clean before you begin.

3. Choosing Massage Oil

While it is not required, using oil can help make massage more enjoyable for some babies
and parents. Olive oil and Grapeseed oil are some of the best choices for infant massage.
However if you choose to use lotions be sure to choose a non-toxic option, like Seventh
Generation baby lotion – which contains olive oil as a main ingredient.

4. Ask Permission

Infant massage can be a wonderful tool for increasing your communication. Massage is not
something that parents do to their baby, but rather with their little one. Listen to your
baby. She will give you the signals to let you know she is enjoying massage, or when she is
all done for now.

5. Know When Not to Massage

Never provide massage for your baby without permission (when sleeping, crying or fussy).
Avoid massage when he is ill, has a fever or infection. If he has broken skin, rash or
bruising. Wait at least 48 – 72 hours following immunizations. For tummy massage, wait
30 minutes after eating. If he has any special healthcare needs seek further guidance as to
what would be the safest approach.

For more information on Infant Massage visit:


The Great Stuff: The Giveaway

I have TWO (2) Seventh Generation Wee Generation baskets to give away, each valued at about $50!!  If you win, you’ll receive a foaming shampoo and body wash, a shampoo and body wash, diaper cream, sunscreen, baby lotion, and a bubble bath of their all natural, healthy baby care line.  It’s really great stuff!

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter!!  Open to US residents only.


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