Slowing Down the Holidays

I’ve decided to stall the holidays, tone things down a bit. Not indefinitely, not postpone them, but stall the pre-holiday stuff. I am already tired of seeing Christmas decorations up. Why? Because I started seeing them before Halloween. It’s gotten a little out of hand as far as I’m concerned and I’m not going to participate. Not before December.

Don’t get me wrong. Christmas is my favorite holiday. It just seems over the years it’s become so commercial that it’s stopped being fun. The commercials start earlier. The kids start begging earlier. It’s stressful, crazy, anxiety inducing trying to hurry up and get everything done. This year I asked myself, why? Why does everything have to be done as soon as Thanksgiving ends. Can’t we just enjoy Thanksgiving, have a little break, and then get ready for Christmas? So this year, I’m stalling a bit.

Our Elf on the Shelf, Chippy Leo, will make his debut December 1, when he brings with him the countdown calendar. Twenty-five days is enough anticipation. In fact, I think too much waiting makes Christmas morning a little anti-climatic.

Our decorations probably won’t go up until between the 8th to 10th. No wreaths, no lights, no blow up snowmen (I’m totally buying one though). Our Christmas tree doesn’t arrive until the 15th. We get a living tree, so it can only be inside out of direct light for three weeks and survive. We have ours for 12 days.

The first year we got a living tree, I thought it was going to put a damper on things. Turns out, two weeks is plenty of time to have a tree. This year, I’m enjoying the idea of having a little less holiday craziness.

We’re also toning down the gift giving. We’re trying to not go crazy with the girls’ presents this year. They have enough. In fact, they have so much they don’t take care of it. Plus between the grandma’s they wind up with three Christmases and an obscene amount of loot. Sean and I aren’t exchanging gifts this year either.

I’m still working on the early shopping thing. We’re pretty much done I think, and it’s not December yet. Next year maybe I won’t get caught up in the early buying thing.

Do you think the holidays have gotten out of hand or do you love it?

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  1. Kristin says:

    I think it’s a very slippery slope between new traditions and out of hand. I’m aiming to avoid out of hand. I did my shopping early so that we can spend December at home hanging out.
    Kristin´s last post ..Just Call Me Demolition Girl

  2. Susie B. Homemaker
    Twitter: susiebhomemaker

    It does seem to get earlier and earlier every year. We usually don’t put our tree up til the first weekend in December. And I did just about all of my Christmas shopping online already so I don’t have to stress as Christmas gets closer and to avoid the crowded stores.
    Susie B. Homemaker´s last post ..Fun Family Vacation at Zehnder’s Splash Village in Frankenmuth, MI