Chickens in the House

Our chickens are getting bigger and bigger. My first batch was born June 3rd, making them 6 months old today. I’m expecting eggs any minute.

The younger chicks are 12 weeks old today. They are fully feathered and big enough to free range in our yard during the day with the bigger girls. So far, the introductions have gone pretty well. Our yard allows the little ones to get away if needed. We’ve only had one minor pecking injury. Initially, it was like I had two mini flocks. The big girls kept to themselves and the little girls kept to themselves (away from the big girls), but the last few days, I’ve noticed the flocks starting to interact a little.

Nina, my Buff Orpington is the leader. She is very tolerant of the the little girls and they have started following her around. Mushroom, my Easter Egger, is a little bit more of a loner. She follows Nina, but prefers to not associate with the littles.

Nina has a lot of personality. She follows me around the yard like a dog, begging for treats and she’s developed a fondness of the indoors. If the girls leave the back door open (as they pretty much do when they play outside), she’s bound to wander in.

Since the littles follow her, they now also wander in. This weekend my girls were playing outside and I was rehanging all my clothes since my closet rod decided to fall down. (Not a good day.) I came into the living room and found Nina pecking at the carpet. Two of the littles were perched on a basket I keep next to the door for shoes, and the third had made it into the next room and was wandering around.

Now, some people do have house chickens. They make little diapers so they can be in the house and watch television or whatever with you. I am not so inclined. I like my chickens outside, so I shooed everyone out and closed the door, but had chickens pecking at the glass and running into the glass the rest of the afternoon.

Nina seems insistent that she is a house chicken. While my husband was watching the girls, this is what happened.

At least she matches the decor nicely.

That’s our kitchen and the dog bowls. I’m wondering if I can train her to lay eggs right in front of the refrigerator? It would save the hassle of having to go to the coop to gather them.

Here’s a little video I shot this weekend of the chickens. Professional it isn’t, but you can see how much everyone is growing and all the pretty plumage they have.

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