The Las Vegas Effect

After the holidays, I always feel like the house looks a little sparse. I call it the “Las Vegas Effect”, after getting used to all the sparkles, it’s hard not to think of that as normal.

This year, I decided to do something about it and add a few things to the house. I bought some new throw pillows for the living room, pictures for the walls, and curtains for the kitchen. Kind of refresh things a little bit.

I also decided to freshen up the girls bathroom a little. I never really did anything to it after we bought it, so I thought I’d make it a little more kid friendly. I was thinking something cute and pink, maybe some owls or something. The girls were with when I had the idea, so I decided to let them choose. I mean, after all, it was there space, they should like the way it looks.

We were at Target and looking at shower curtains. They had some cute owl things, some fish, even princesses (although I was trying to steer them away from that). They had other thoughts.  They wanted zebra stripes.

There's also a toothbrush holder and garbage can.

There’s also a toothbrush holder and garbage can.

I was thinking they had been hit too hard by “the Las Vegas Effect”. Ideally, the effect results in some nice sprucing up. But taken too far, or put in the hands of small children, it can lead to flashing multi-colored Christmas lights as decoration and tacky decor, like animal print.

Then I had a thought.


Bessie, our obese, super shedding cat

Always decorate to match the pet hair.



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