The Haircut

Saturday Samantha had a birthday party to go to. I decided to bring the other two to McDonald’s for lunch and playtime so they wouldn’t be jealous of not going to the party. They had a good time and were pretty worn out after, so we came home to watch one t.v. show before going to pick Sammy up from the party.  I went to the kitchen to check my e-mail. Ten minutes later, Ella walked in, looking like this:

Ella's haircut


I went to the couch and saw this:




That’s a lot of hair. Too much for just one child. Here’s the second child:

Penny's haircut

The hair on her shoulder isn’t attached.

Turns out, Ella decided to give them both haircuts.

So, after making a phone call to have one of Sammy’s friends pick her up from the party and take her to their house, Ella, Penny, and I headed off to SuperCuts for a fix. An hour and a half later (never go to SuperCuts on a weekend without an appointment), we had this:

Penny's new cut


And this:

Ella's new cut


What irritates me, besides the fact that they did it and I had to spend almost 2 hours at SuperCuts on a Saturday, is that people keep telling them it looks cute. No, we tell them they look like boys (a huge insult in our home right now) so they don’t do it again. Do not encourage the bad behavior.

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