Sick of Sick

It looks like Penny’s foot saga may soon be coming to an end. We got the clear from the orthopedic people last week to remove the bandage and get her stinky foot in the bathtub. Monday we heard if the inflammatory markers they track look good, we’ll be able to stop the antibiotics. If not, another week.  None too soon either, because over the last couple days she’s developed hives which seem appear during or after her receiving her antibiotics.

My body has decided to reject this whole process. I’ve had a cold/headache/body aches for over a week and to top it off, Saturday, I lost my voice. Not a little. Gone. The plus side of losing my voice is the girls seem to naturally match my tone, so they’re whispering when they talk to me. Of course, there’s yelling at each other still, but at least a little bit of quiet.

Overall, I am sick of all the sick. It is time to be done with it and I for one can’t wait. Hopefully by the end of the week it will all be behind us and we can move on to the next crisis.

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