Busy, Busy

My poor little neglected blog. I have been so busy the last few weeks, I  haven’t been very good about updating. It’s Spring Break here this week, so I’m only going to post once this week, but hopefully I’ll get back to it more regularly after that. Here’s a summary of what’s been going on.


Her foot seems healed. The stitches have finally dissolved. She still walks on the outer edge of her foot, so I’ll ask the orthopedic doctor about that at our next visit next week. She has also started her whining phase. She whines a lot. I’m hoping it’s short lived because I have no patience for it. I guess that’s the downside of being the third born, Mommy is done with the nonsense by the time it’s your turn (especially after Ella).

She will be starting Juditso tomorrow along with her big sisters. It’s 3-6 year olds, so they can all take the same class. Their cousins on Sean’s side also take the class.



She is officially enrolled in kindergarten. She’ll be starting the Mandarin Immersion program like Samantha in August. She is very much looking forward to it.

In preschool she is asking for extra homework. Her teachers are very impressed by that. At home, however, she is showing that she’s going to be a last minute kind of student. It’s leading to some stress because she absolutely refuses to do any homework until the day before it’s due, and then she has extra. She does always finish it though. I’m hoping the every day homework in Kindergarten will fix that problem.

Ella and Samantha have been taking swimming lessons for the last six weeks and they both passed into the next class level on Saturday.



Sammy has been busy with school, swimming, and watching her cousins’ juditso classes. She was able to participate in the last one and liked it so much she wanted to sign up for it.  She is really starting to come out of her shell and it’s a lot of fun to see. She plays soccer at school with the boys and has said she wants to sign up for AYSO this fall. She also is very good at the backstroke (if I do say so myself). She seems to be enjoying sports and athletics a lot, so maybe she’ll be my little sporty girl. She does still enjoy shopping and being a fashionista, so I don’t think tom boy is in her future.

She’s doing very well in school also. She’s been getting 100% on her Mandarin dictation tests every week (kind of like a spelling test, except with the characters). She’s also doing very well in the English portion of her studies. I’m seeing more and more of her Mandarin coming through though. She plays with her dolls in Mandarin sometimes. When she’s sassing me, she does it by answering my questions in Mandarin. Instead of writing notes in English, she frequently writes in Chinese. It’s really amazing to me how much she’s picking up.

We’ve been dealing with the possibility of her school moving to a new location because after this year, there are no empty rooms on campus with the other regular school still there too. It’s been a huge struggle both within the parent community and with the other schools the district has been wanting to move us to. Friday the district announced that we will be staying at the same location at least next year, along with the regular program, and a new Spanish Immersion program. No one has any idea how they plan to get 5-6 more classes on campus, but at least we know where we’re going to be next year.


I have been swamped.  Dealing with Penny’s foot was really overwhelming and I finally feel like things are getting back to normal. I’m volunteering at Sammy’s school a lot, and all 3 of the things I volunteer in are really active right now. I’m running the Homework Club and we just started a new session last week, so there have been permission slips, and snack purchasing, emailing and organizing for that, plus the actual volunteering to help with homework after school. I’m also helping in small groups during the day. It gives the teachers the opportunity for parents to help with kids that maybe need extra help or extra enrichment one on one.

Then there’s the school auction. I’ve volunteered to co-chair. My job was supposed to be just entering the donated items onto the website, but of course, it’s turned into soliciting donations and advertising and announcements and meetings. Basically, it’s a huge time suck. Just the entering things onto the website is taking FOREVER! I have to pull images to use, write descriptions, enter donors. I had no idea how long it would take. I’m a little worried I won’t be able to get everything in on time.  I spend 2-3 hours a night entering things, and I feel like I haven’t made a dent. And we’re still getting donations in and people are still asking for more. Hopefully we’ll raise a lot of money for the school so we can hire some Mandarin TA’s next year. We have some great items up for bid. A lot are local, but not all. We have quite a few amusement parks, like SeaWorld and Disneyland, too, if you’re planning a vacation to SoCal in the next year.  If you want to check it out, go to the DragonSprouts auction page. Bidding starts April 8th.

Then there’s my health. I go back to the rheumatologist in a week. She was planning on sending me to a pulmonologist if she can’t figure out what’s going on and I’m thinking that might be the way to go. My achiness is virtually gone, but my shortness of breath and fatigue are the same. This last month, my allergies have been really bad. I also developed a cough that just won’t go away. On Saturday, I was coughing and coughing, and I started wheezing and felt like I couldn’t breathe. Sammy has some mild asthma, so she has an inhaler. I used it (bad, I know, but legally as a veterinarian I can self-medicate). Oh my word! Not only could I breathe, but the coughing completely stopped and I could take a full, deep breath for the first time in I can’t even remember. I’m wondering if I might have asthma. So, I’ll go to the rheumatologist and discuss it with her.

So that’s what’s been happening here. I hope you all have a great Easter and I’ll see you on the other side of Spring Break!

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  1. alicyn says:

    i’ve been way behind on my blog reading, and i just wanted to say i’m sorry 2013 had such a crazy start for you and your family! i’m glad to hear that penny has healed, and i hope your girls are enjoying the juditso together. :)

  2. Porfirio Lorino says:

    A little bit late response but still good to find this blog, keep up good work even if you don’t have time :)