Mother’s Day and a Fifth Birthday

Where have I been? Well, gardening, enjoying the chickens, running Sammy’s school’s online auction, learning about veterinary acupuncture, and writing fiction. So not here. But I thought Mother’s Day would be a good day to get back into things.


Five years ago on Mother’s Day, I was very pregnant with Ella. So pregnant that I was scheduled to be induced the next day. I was hoping Ella would make her appearance on Mother’s Day, but she waited for the drugs to evict her (she’s still very stubborn).

Ella is my handful. She’s strong willed, stubborn, and has a temper (which I’m constantly reminded comes from me). She is also very sweet and thoughtful. She likes to draw pictures for Sean and I and is free with her “I love you’s”.

She’ll start kindergarten in the fall and I can’t seem to remember where the time went. It seems like yesterday that she was wrapped in the Moby wrap, content to be carried and sleep while I ran after her two year old sister, Sammy.  Nineteen months later she became a big sister and I spent my time trying to keep her from hitting her new little sister (she was not pleased with the addition).  Now I have a vivacious, scary smart five year old and I hope she always holds onto her love of life.

I started a little tradition last year making a video of the girls on their birthdays. Here’s Ella at five.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.

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  1. Danielle Shetrone says:

    hey Jessica it’s nice to hear that you got yourself such sweet talking and walking gift for mothers day :)