Piggy Wiggy


  Sammy and Ella have been fighting. A lot. Ella is Ella and generally not super easy to get along with. She angers quickly and resorts to yelling, hitting, and other truly inappropriate methods to get her point across. Until recently, Sammy has dealt with it by ignoring her, or if she can’t, crying to me or Sean that Ella’s done whatever it is. Until recently. I don’t know if it’s the stress of school and the extra tiredness that comes with school,  or Sammy deciding to stick up for herself, or what, but she has started fighting back. Literally. […]

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The State of Education

This school year, I’ve been busy serving on the fundraising board for Sammy and Ella’s elementary school. We finally finished the launch of our annual fund drive. In L.A., and I think many other public school systems in the U.S., if you want your child to have more than the basics, you have to pay something to help fund the school. What did we ask this year? $2200 per child in order to raise $645,000. Yeah. That’s a lot.  It’s a lot to be asked to raise, and it’s a lot for a family with even one child, let alone […]

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Ella and the chickens

Ella's favorite chicken

Ella throws another tantrum. Over what I can’t remember, her water wasn’t cold enough, her eggs not hot enough, a sister moved her blanket, her drawing wasn’t perfect. It goes on and on. My head pounds, I’m at my wit’s end. Time outs don’t work. She runs out of her room, I carry her, kicking and screaming, back in. Out she comes, in we go, and the only thing gained are my black and blue shins. Yelling doesn’t work. Her screams are louder than mine. Walking away doesn’t work, she follows, making sure I know she’ angry with the world. […]

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