Piggy Wiggy


  Sammy and Ella have been fighting. A lot. Ella is Ella and generally not super easy to get along with. She angers quickly and resorts to yelling, hitting, and other truly inappropriate methods to get her point across. Until recently, Sammy has dealt with it by ignoring her, or if she can’t, crying to me or Sean that Ella’s done whatever it is. Until recently. I don’t know if it’s the stress of school and the extra tiredness that comes with school,  or Sammy deciding to stick up for herself, or what, but she has started fighting back. Literally. […]

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Bubble Bath

We’ve had some sick going around here. Samantha’s school is a petri dish. Last week, there were only 9-11 kids in the class each day out of 22. Samantha only missed Friday, but had a fever and headache Thursday night through Sunday morning. On Tuesday, Penny came home from school with a fever and general clingy-ness. She even willingly took a nap. That’s sick for sure. One thing I’m trying to teach my girls is how to be good to themselves and take care of themselves. So when they’re sick, I’ve been letting them have alone, hot bubble baths. (Usually […]

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Restless Sleep

Ella is a restless sleeper.  She tosses and turns, flips and flops, and generally winds up in odd positions every night.  Every night, she wakes up and calls me to her room.  She wants me to put her back on her pillow and cover her up.  It’s always interesting to see where she managed to move to in her little toddler bed.   The bed is a convertible crib.  So three sides have high crib walls and the front has a short rail across half the bed. Last night was a little different.  Instead of calling, “Mommy!”  she was calling […]

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