Ella and the chickens

Ella's favorite chicken

Ella throws another tantrum. Over what I can’t remember, her water wasn’t cold enough, her eggs not hot enough, a sister moved her blanket, her drawing wasn’t perfect. It goes on and on. My head pounds, I’m at my wit’s end. Time outs don’t work. She runs out of her room, I carry her, kicking and screaming, back in. Out she comes, in we go, and the only thing gained are my black and blue shins. Yelling doesn’t work. Her screams are louder than mine. Walking away doesn’t work, she follows, making sure I know she’ angry with the world. […]

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Chickens in the House

Our chickens are getting bigger and bigger. My first batch was born June 3rd, making them 6 months old today. I’m expecting eggs any minute. The younger chicks are 12 weeks old today. They are fully feathered and big enough to free range in our yard during the day with the bigger girls. So far, the introductions have gone pretty well. Our yard allows the little ones to get away if needed. We’ve only had one minor pecking injury. Initially, it was like I had two mini flocks. The big girls kept to themselves and the little girls kept to […]

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CSI: The Chicken Edition

Tragedy struck our little backyard flock last Thursday. Spot, the silver cuckoo Maran, was killed at the tender age of 7 weeks.  The murderer is still at large, but since I like to watch a lot of crime shows, I think I’ve pieced together the crime. The Victim     Last known picture of Spot (black and white on the left) with her compadres. Happily munching on grass and weeds safe in her little pen. The Suspects                   Missy, aka Canine number 1. Certainly big enough to kill a chicken. Does not […]

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