Piggy Wiggy


  Sammy and Ella have been fighting. A lot. Ella is Ella and generally not super easy to get along with. She angers quickly and resorts to yelling, hitting, and other truly inappropriate methods to get her point across. Until recently, Sammy has dealt with it by ignoring her, or if she can’t, crying to me or Sean that Ella’s done whatever it is. Until recently. I don’t know if it’s the stress of school and the extra tiredness that comes with school,  or Sammy deciding to stick up for herself, or what, but she has started fighting back. Literally. […]

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A new weapon in the sibling arsenal

With three girls close in age, there are fights. A lot of fights. (Dear God, make them stop.) They fight over toys, dolls, stuffed animals, blankets, food (I swear I give them the same thing at the same time). They fight in typical ways. There’s screaming, yelling, hair pulling, biting, kicking, hitting, spitting, and name calling. We have a new trampoline in the backyard surrounded by a safety net, so it’s like a cage fight in our backyard. They are all equally guilty of instigating the fights and fighting back.  But Penny, has stepped up her game. I think it’s […]

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Slave Labor

While I was sick, my mother-in-law was helping out and she said something that stuck with me. She said that we were slaves to our children.  That it was too much to keep up with them.  They didn’t pick up, they made a mess while you cleaned up another, and someone constantly needed something and was whining about it. It’s enough to run a person ragged and wear them down so they get sick (like with meningitis). She had a point. I’ve been saying it to myself for months. They’re wearing me out and I can’t keep up with them. […]

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