The Foot Saga Continues

Penny trying out her walker

You may have noticed I didn’t post last week. That is because I was busy dealing with Penny’s foot.  You may recall, she has osteomyelitis from stepping on a rake in the garden. We have had doctor’s appointments, home health nurses, medicine deliveries, conversations with pharmacies, and actually having to give her the medicine. We went from giving medicine three times a day to finding out the levels of one of the antibiotics was too low leading to her needing that one 4 times a day and the other 3 times a day. When you work out the math of […]

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In the Hospital

We have had a fun-filled weekend in the hospital. Apparently, my evil spirit purging did not work. Last week, Penny’s foot swelled again. This was the foot she injured stepping on a rake. It had been better, then one morning it was swollen again and she was refusing to walk on it.  Because we’re busy all the time, I watched it a couple days before taking her to the pediatrician on Friday at 9:30 in the morning. The doctor decided to send us to the ER so we could have all the tests done in one spot. Ella had decided […]

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The Haircut

Saturday Samantha had a birthday party to go to. I decided to bring the other two to McDonald’s for lunch and playtime so they wouldn’t be jealous of not going to the party. They had a good time and were pretty worn out after, so we came home to watch one t.v. show before going to pick Sammy up from the party.  I went to the kitchen to check my e-mail. Ten minutes later, Ella walked in, looking like this:   I went to the couch and saw this:     That’s a lot of hair. Too much for just […]

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