Piggy Wiggy


  Sammy and Ella have been fighting. A lot. Ella is Ella and generally not super easy to get along with. She angers quickly and resorts to yelling, hitting, and other truly inappropriate methods to get her point across. Until recently, Sammy has dealt with it by ignoring her, or if she can’t, crying to me or Sean that Ella’s done whatever it is. Until recently. I don’t know if it’s the stress of school and the extra tiredness that comes with school,  or Sammy deciding to stick up for herself, or what, but she has started fighting back. Literally. […]

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My girls have their own idea of style.  They know what they like, what they want to wear, and how they want to wear it.  For the most part, I let them have it unless they choose something that is not appropriate for the weather.  Since we live in California, that’s not very often.  It’s just not worth the fight. I figure, if they think they look good in with six shirts on, a pair of jeans under a skirt, and mismatched socks. So be it. Sometimes I think I could take a lesson from them and have a little […]

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Driving Miss Jessie

One of Sean’s roles in our relationship is official chauffeur. Whenever we are going somewhere together, he drives. I really don’t care for driving overall, and I care even less for driving in Los Angeles. Even after five years living here, getting on the freeways makes my heart pound, and there really are a lot of crazy drivers in L.A. Really. A. Lot. Today, Sean was driving us to his mother’s house and it got me thinking about different driving styles in different areas of the country. I grew up in Minnesota, where everyone is very polite about everything, including […]

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