Getting Rid of Evil Spirits

Sammy CNY

The Chinese New Year, a celebration of the lunar new year,  started yesterday. It is the major holiday in China, likened to a combination of Christmas, New Year’s, and the 4th of July all rolled into one. Since Samantha is in a Mandarin Immersion program, it’s something we’re aware of. It’s a big week long celebration at the school with cultural activities and presentations by the classes. The kids wear Chinese New Year outfits. This year is the Year of the Snake. Generally not a great year, snakes are considered kind of bad luck. They’re sneaky, crafty, and not well […]

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Paying for Public School

This weekend was one of two semi-annual Mandarin immersion program meetings at Sammy’s school. If you recall, (or not, so I’ll remind you) the Mandarin program is currently housed within another elementary school. There is a standard English only program also. This year every possible room is being used as a classroom and the Mandarin program is only 3 years old. Next year there will be 4 additional kindergarten classes added and we will officially be too big to share any more. There was a big hub bub last year about where we would move. With the budget issues this […]

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The Tooth Fairy Cometh

Finally! Samantha lost her first tooth on Friday at school.  This tooth has been really loose for a good month. Tongue wiggle loose. And it just wouldn’t fall out.  We thought it would come out in Mammoth. Nope. We thought a couple days after Mammoth. Nope. Finally, in class, she pulled it herself. She was very excited. She wanted it to fall out in class.  She said everyone wanted to see her tooth (we sent a baggie with her for just such an occasion). When I asked her who asked to see it, she said, “pretty much everyone”, with that […]

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