Meet the Family

The Three Girls


Here are the family members you may be reading about.



The oldest of the three girls.  She is shy around strangers but not at home. She likes to tell her sisters what to do and how to do it.  She is Penelope’s second mother.  She can be a tattletale.  She is also the sensitive one. Her feelings get hurt easily.

Her favorite things are Disney Princesses, reading and writing (she’s learning anyway), drawing, and The Fresh Beat Band.










The middle girl.  She is shy for about a minute.  She is the bold one, the stubborn one, and the tantrum thrower. She knows what she wants, when she wants it, and she’s going to get, by herself, thank you very much, in her own sweet time.

Her favorite things are Dora the Explorer, food, especially chocolate and macaroni and cheese, making projects that involve glue, and  jumping.


Penelope (Penny)



The littlest girl. Easy going but tough. Keeps up with the big girls and gets her way, even if she has to push, bite, and scream to do so.  She loves attention and loves to make everyone laugh.

Her favorite things are Mommy (at least for now), bananas, going for walks, and ants.  She loves ants.







Sean (Daddy)



The daddy in the family. Usually an unwitting participant in this blog. Fearful that someone will stalk us because I use real names and locations.

Met his lovely wife in vet school 14 years ago and considers himself the luckiest man alive because of it. (Hey, it’s my blog, I get to write what I want.)






Mommy and Penny


Jessica Anne/Mommy (and Penny):

Writer of this blog and mommy.

Check out the About page for more about me.









We also have some pets that make an appearance on occasion.

The Cats:




Our indoor/outdoor very dilute calico. My husband likes grey cats. I like calicos. He called and said there was a calico at work up for adoption, could he bring it home. (We’re both veterinarians, by the way.) I said yes, because I like calicos. He brought Tabby. She’s about four. She’s a sweetie and will follow me for a 2 mile walk. And she is technically a calico.











He’s a Sphinx so he has no hair and he’s supposed to have no hair.  Another of Sean’s there’s-a-cat-at-work orphans.  This time though, he promised a Sphinx and delivered.  Alex is 13. He has IBD which is why he looks skinny (he is skinny) and it also means our litterbox gets cleaned multiple times a day. He sleeps under the covers curled up next to me which sounds really sweet, but he gets up multiple times a night to visit the litterbox and wakes me every time to get back under the covers.


The Dogs:




A boxer mix. Really. We had her DNA tested.  She’s six-ish.  Another rescue.  She was severely abused and has some scars from it.  She’s very sweet to all of us and lets the girls climb all over her and lead her around by the collar.  However, not so good with strangers.  That’s okay with me. It’s nice to know she’d protect us if needed.








Our newest family member. We adopted her in July 2012 when she was

4 months old. She had been rescued after being hit by a car. Unfortunately, her right rear leg was severely broken and had to be amputated, so she is our little tripod. She gets around just fine and chases Missy and the chickens.






The Tortoise:




Delilah is a Sulcutta tortoise, the third largest species in the world.  She was found under my mother-in-law’s car about 10 years ago.  She outgrew her backyard patio, so we took her. (Again with the rescuing thing.)

Currently, she weighs about 50 pounds. Adults typically weigh 70-110 pounds. So she’s a baby (and a he, but that’s another story.)  She lives in our large backyard in sunny SoCal.  She eats mostly hay and the grass and weeds in our yard. We do not use pesticides or herbicides in our yard so she can safely eat whatever she wants.

She’s friendly, enjoys fruit occasionally, especially oranges and bananas. She comes to us when we are outside. If you’re thinking about getting one, read this first.  Sulcuttas are not for everyone. We have a pretty ideal situation for her. Most people do not. Think before you get one.